Community Radio Initiative Nepal (CoRIN), Afno FM

In Nepal, people living in remote places are limited to proper knowledge and education related to health, technology, and development. Community radios can play a crucial role in bridging the gaps in remote areas of Nepal. The Community Radio Initiative Nepal (CoRIN) first began with the concept of having a radio station in each hospital project that HDCS managed.

Afno FM, is a communication project of HDCS that was initiated in January 28, 2009, carrying a vision to transform communities through the medium of community radio. Its very first radio program began through a small radio suitcase, since then Afno FM has been working to empower communities through radio services by providing access to knowledgeable information, education and entertainment programs.

Besides, the radio service encourages people to raise their voice regarding social issues and shares health and agricultural programs. The aim Afno FM is to enable impoverished communities and disadvantaged people to become self-sustainable. It encourages the participation of listeners to interact through radio programs.In addition to the radio programs, this Radio is directly involved with the local community off air. Afno FM also organized medical camp, distributed relief materials during an earthquake, given stationery to the school students. Visits the hospital distribute fruit and distribution of the radios.

The community radio will continue to create programs for the well-being of the people especially for the marginalised and disadvantaged communities and be the voice of the people in great need.

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