Who We Are

Established in 1991, Human Development and Community Services (HDCS) is a faith-based NGO working in sectors of health, education, community development, and disaster management. Currently, it manages various projects across Nepal especially in rural regions and provides services through hospitals, health camps, public health programs, school development programs, teacher training, special needs education centres, community radio stations, and community led disaster management approaches. HDCS aims to improve the quality of health services and education facilities for impoverished communities and increase access to quality health care, education and livelihood opportunities for the poor and underprivileged without discrimination.

Vision To be living witnesses of God's love and transform communities.
Mission Spiritual, social and economic transformation of the disadvantaged, marginalized and underprivileged communities through health, education and community development.
Our Values
Our Values

Righteousness is the path of our life, Honesty is the strength of our life &  Serving others is the duty of our life.

How was HDCS started How we started The story of HDCS is closely linked to the personal journey of the founder of HDCS, Dr. Tirtha Thapa. At the age of 15, Dr. Thapa's father passed away which played a vital role in bringing about two of the most significant changes in his life--his faith and his aspiration. Dr. Thapa understood access to basic medical services probably would have saved his father's life. At the age of 16, he left his village in west Nepal and moved to Kathmandu. There, after many years of hard work and struggle was able to establish his vision. In 1991, HDCS was founded as a faith-based NGO. Initially, it began in areas of social and community development programs such as providing safe drinking water, nonformal education, poverty alleviation program as well as building suspension bridges in remote areas of Nepal. Today, it is consistent with its focus on these three areas of health, education and community development. Through HDCS, hundreds of thousands of people in Nepal have access to affordable quality health care, transformational education, and are learning the skills they need to improve their lives.
What does HDCS do? What we do HDCS works in three main sectors of Health, Education, and Community development. It manages government and community hospitals and provides essential health care services. It also provides education development programs to rural, public and community schools through teacher training and school development project. HDCS also manages two-day care centres for children with special needs. Additionally, HDCS runs community radio programmes to share essential health, education and community development knowledge to uplift the lives of the community people. Furthermore, HDCS also provides humanitarian relief in case of any severe natural disaster in Nepal.  
Our working areas? Our working areas The HDCS projects exist in order to provide services to people with low socioeconomic status and who lack access to health care and educational facilities. Currently, HDCS manages and operates two hospitals in Lamjung and Rukum district. Similarly, in the educational sector, HDCS provides teacher training, school development programs, and scholarships within Kathmandu valley and other districts (Lamjung, Nuwakot, and Palpa) to enable the schools to create a positive learning environment and support children facing financial barriers. HDCS also manages community radio stations in the far west region in Daldeldhura, mid-west Rukum and eastern part of Nepal in Okhaldhunga district.