Lamjung District Community Hospital (LDCH)

Lamjung District Community Hospital (LDCH) is a district level hospital which HDCS has been managing in partnership with the Government of Nepal.

Lamjung District Community Hospital (LDCH) is a project of HDCS that is noteworthy for several reasons. In 2001, the hospital made history for being the first government institution to be handed over to the private sector. LDCH was the first example of a public private partnership in Nepal's health sector. Since 2001 LDCH has been running under the management of HDCS with the support of our partners and the Government of Nepal.

We have transformed the infrastructure and increased the capacity of the hospital: From a 15 bed hospital, LDCH now has 60 bed as well as a range of services. In 2003, a study from the World Bank quoted Lamjung Hospital as being a "model hospital in Nepal."

As a district level hospital we have high standards for LDCH and we are blessed to have the support of our partners, the community, and local leaders.