Namuna Community Preparedness Program

Namuna Community Preparedness Program is a disaster preparedness project which is aimed at building the capacity of HDCS’s newly managed community hospital, Namuna Community Hospital (NCH) and of surrounding community in Sundarbazar Municipality through technical trainings and equipment provision.

The community people have experienced disasters in the past and have responded as they are able and have done what they think is right for the situation without knowing if it is proper action or method. In 2o22 alone, the district of Lamjung had 26 recorded disaster events (earthquakes and landslides) which resulted in 4 deaths, and 38 affected families and causing damage of around Rs 12,052,600  (approx. $92,000). Hence, the project aims to strengthen the communities’ ability to respond to disasters by capacitating the local ward and the community people, providing disaster stock for the vulnerable ward and disaster response trainings to community people and ward officials.

This project also emphasizes on the core humanitarian standards of “DO NO HARM” and promotes the use of locally available resources in managing disaster response to encourage Creation Care. As the capacity to respond to disasters is developed and strengthened at NCH, HDCS strives to deliver swift action and services in case of internal or external disasters in order to reduce damages and loss to lives.