Community Level Disaster Preparedness Training

When disaster strikes it does not first come knocking on your door to alert you and prepare you for it. Disasters are unprecedented and can strike anytime but we can always be prepared for it.

Hence, as part of our Namuna Community Preparedness Project (NCPP), it is important and necessary to prepare the people in the community to know how to respond and act in case of a disaster.

Our Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction Technical Coordinator, Sahara Mishra, and Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Daman Bogati, provided and co-lead fire extinguisher, patient transfer, basic first aid and bandaging trainings to 114 individuals in the community from wards 2 and 6 of Sundarbazar municipality.

Additionally, 40 staff from Namuna Community Hospital received orientation on types of fires and extinguishing methods.

We greatly appreciated and were encouraged by the enthusiasm of the participants and coordination efforts from Namuna Community Hospital Administrator, Hemanta Shrestha and the support from our honorable Ward Chairs.

The project seeks to equip community people with the ability to respond to a disaster by raising awareness and providing preparedness and response training that addresses hazards, especially fire (considered one of the top ten disasters in Nepal) which commonly occurs in Nepal.