Gunjaman Hospital Chitwan (GHC)

Gunjaman Hospital Chitwan (GHC), a non-profit Community Hospital, established by Gunjaman Singh Memorial Trust, at Pithuwa in eastern Chitwan and solely dedicated to the service of local people in the region. The hospital was handed over to Human Development Community Services (HDCS) in 2018 by the Gunjaman Singh Memorial Trust.  Hospital has been imparting medical services to the local people of remote villages of Chitwan and Makawanpur Districts with stark lacuna of hospital services. Against the backdrop of the long felt general lacuna of medical services for needy people in the region, the hospital has been able to fill little in the gap of such services. The aim is to provide a comprehensive health program (preventive, curative, and rehabilitation), aimed at reaching target groups, in particular focusing on deprived groups, marginalized people including Chepang, Dalit, Janajati, Tharu, Madhesis, women, and children with the financial constraints.

The Gunjaman Hospital Chitwan is an outreach to not just the people of Chitwan but also the neighboring Makwanpur district. People travel miles to reach the hospital because of the inaccessibility of affordable and quality health care facilities in eastern Chitwan and Makwanpur district. GHC is a hope for many to receive general care and treatment on a very low budget sometimes free of cost. Besides helping people suffering from illness and deprivation, the hospital also provides counseling to patients when in need. However, many people are still not aware of the various health benefits being offered at GHC. Therefore, GHC additionally works with partners, local political leaders, social workers, supporters, and government offices to advance programs and awareness campaigns as an outreach to people not just living in Chitwan but in the surrounding districts as well. This year the hospital has added a new X-ray machine, USG machine and Cautery machine to add more services for patients.