Caring for Suk Maya

Suk Maya, a 75-year-old woman from Gorkha District, several hours away and north of Chitwan District, arrived at our Gunjaman Singh Hospital with complaints of itching and pain all over her body. She had red patches and black crusting on her skin. Due to her condition she had not been eating properly for about 2 months and was unable to walk without support. At first, she had visited a hospital in Gorkha and was prescribed certain medication. Despite that her condition worsened day by day. Her family then heard about the dermatology services at our hospital in Chitwan and decided to bring her for treatment.

After assessing her, our doctor provided a proper diagnosis of her condition (impetigo) and was treated for 5 days with IV antibiotics and topical ointments. During her stay she was provided with health education on hygiene and sanitation, and common diseases and advised on a diet plan. She is now without pain and recovering well.