New Oxygen Plant at DHL

From today on District Hospital, Lamjung (DHL) has a new Oxygen plant to supply. Last week DHL installed an oxygen plant with a shed to protect it from the weather.

The oxygen plant will produce 5000 liter of oxygen per hour that is equal to approx 15 big oxygen cylinders on daily basis. The Oxygen will be distributed through a direct pipeline to different wards of the hospital such as Emergency, Isolation, ICU, Outpatient, and Maternal.

Currently, the oxygen is prioritized to be provided to the Covid-19 patient. DHL had until now just 50 oxygen cylinders for its actual 23 Covid positive patients in treatment. In which 19 patients require oxygen therapy. Until now every day a vehicle transported the oxygen cylinders to Pokhara for a refill.

Gandaki Provincial Government funded this oxygen plant project at DHL. The oxygen plant installation work has been done by O2 Concern on a tender basis.