KISC Educational Quality Improvement Program (EQUIP)

EQUIP is a part of KISC and an educational project aiming to improve the quality of education in government, public and private schools in rural and urban areas of Nepal.  EQUIP seeks to provide transformational training for school communities that will ignite positive change in all areas of people’s lives; their families and communities across Nepal.

EQUIP partners with both rural and urban (community and private schools) Nepali schools that desire to rise above the many challenges of the current education system in Nepal. EQUIP offers school support programs, teacher training, and subject-specific training to equip teachers and schools to increase standard in education.Teacher trainers provide subject-specific training as well as training in classroom management, reading aloud,  professional motivation, developing local teaching resources, ICT and more.

The aim is to help teachers move away from the traditional rote learning, theoretical teaching and develop interactive and child-friendly learning and teaching environment. KISC EQUIP works with teachers to equip them with the tools and skills necessary to develop problem-solving and creative thinking as well as a good character in students. Additionally, EQUIP works with students, parents, school management committees and the community to encourage a mindset that everyone has an important role towards improving education in Nepal. Furthermore, KISC EQUIP provides scholarships to deserving children who face financial challenges.


EQUIP plans to grow into a Transformational Education College (TEC). The TEC will extend EQUIP’s existing regional teacher training programme and community transformation activities and will provide Nepali teachers and professionals with the opportunities to build on and extend the basic training they have received by offering intensive, practical and high-quality courses and qualifications. The headquarters of the college will be located in Kathmandu, with ‘satellite’ training centres incrementally established in local and rural areas.