Forecast Based Emergency Response (FOREBER)

The FOREBER project is an anticipatory action project implemented in Lamjung and Manang. HDCS focuses on developing community led approaches to disaster risk reduction that utilizes weather forecasts and early warning systems to trigger pre-agreed actions that can prevent or reduce the impacts of expected weather-related hazards. These actions enhance the coping capacity of the vulnerable community before and during the time of disasters like flood, landslide, Glacial Lake Outbursts (GLOF).

The project takes on activities such as establishing early warning systems, developing digital risk mapping, developing early actions protocols, defining threshold and triggering points for disasters, monitoring of those triggers, identifying financial mechanism if triggers activates and developing learning documents in coordination with local government, vulnerable communities, Department of Hydrology and Meterology (DHM), National Disaster Risk Reduction Authority (NDDRMA) and research institutes to enable action before disaster strikes. The project also emphasizes and places utmost important on community participation to build preparedness and resilience.