Chepang WASH Project

The Chepang people are semi-nomadic tribe, who are one of Nepal’s poorest, and live in remote hilltops away from modern civilization. They practice open defecation and live in poorly built houses. Their culture is deeply rooted in traditional practices, which drives their perception and acts as a strong barrier to change or development. Many Chepang people prefer to remain sick instead of visiting a hospital out of fear that they are far away and too costly.

Hence, our social mobilizers visit many different Chepang communities in Chitwan District to uplift, empower and educate the Chepang people on WASH, menstrual hygiene, kitchen gardening, and general health issues. Ten schools have been equipped with toilets and safe drinking water facilities, and  basic WASH education and counseling has been provided to school children and their families. Moreover, girls and mothers have participated in several workshops on how to make environmentally friendly sanitary pads.