Repairing Broken Bones

In serene Jajarkot, there’s a little girl named Manju (name changed). She’s only six years old and lives with her family, who are hardworking farmers. Like many families in remote villages of Nepal, young children are expected and taught to help in the fields to carry out agricultural work. One day, while helping her father in the fields, Manisha fell and broke her arm. This presented a stressful situation to her family as they did not have enough savings and money for extra and unforeseen expenses such as paying hospital bills. Manju and her father arrived at Chaurjahari Hospital with the worry of finances and her treatment.

As soon as they arrived, our hospital staff assessed their situation and upon finding out that Manju’s father is unable to pay for the treatment, our staff guided them to our pastoral care services that provide counselling and information on our charity fund that helps poor families like theirs. Our doctors and nurses took care of Manju’s broken arm and also provided food for their stay. Manju and her father stayed at the hospital for a week and left with a heart full of thanks and joy.

Stories like theirs encourages us to be present for those in need and to serve people with financial constraints as every bit of our assistance and kindness helps lift the burden and brings happiness and relief in a dreadful situation.