Oxygen concentrators for our Covid-19 Patients in Rukum

In these chaotic times of the pandemic, HDCS has been very thankful to all its partners and supporters who have helped in fighting the Covid-19. HDCS has purchased another 20 oxygen concentrators for our HDCS Medical Covid-19 Response. Immediately, 15 oxygen concentrators with medical supplies like oxygen masks, BP meters, thermometers, 5 suction machines, and sanitizer were sent to our Chaurjahari Hospital Rukum (CHR).
The equipment and material will be used in the hospital, nearby health post, and local Covid pre-treatment locations where our CHR staff is visiting along with the Community Based Rehabilitation team.
We received another 100 oxygen cylinders through the Government of Nepal (GoN) for CHR. The cylinders were picked up at Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu, and transported to Nepalgunj where we changed the valves according to the Nepal Standard System. They have reached CHR and now being used at the hospital to treat more Covid-19 patients.
With a total of 200 oxygen cylinders and a new truck for transportation of oxygen cylinders for a refill, we can ensure a good treatment to all the Covid patients at CHR until now.