Nanimaya Finds Hope

Picture above: Nanimaya (left) with our mental health counselor Shova (right) from NCH.

She arrived at a health camp organized by Namuna Community Hospital, to receive a general health checkup but when she learned that there was also a mental health counselling station, she decided to receive counselling.

During her session she revealed that she had mental health issues from early childhood. Due to her parents fighting constantly, there was unrest at home and the environment among all her other 11 siblings was not peaceful but filled with strife and sadness. She stated that five of her sisters took medication for their mental health issues.
She was troubled by her family’s situation but had to take care of herself and she knew that she too suffered from mental health issues but was afraid to talk to anyone about it and bring her condition to light out of fear of discrimination and stigmatization.

But at the health camp she was eager to finally speak about her mental health issues and expressed happiness at being able to finally open up and speak freely about her issues and stated that she will not hide her emotions and suffering and seek to face it openly in the coming days.

She testified, “I felt that I was carrying a huge burden and that I was troubled and had a serious mental health issue but after my counselling session today I have learnt and understood more about mental health and now the burden in my heart feels lighter.”