District Lamjung Hospital (DHL) – A Center for COVID-19 Vaccination

Nepal launched a nationwide COVID-19 vaccine called COVISHIELD which was provided by India. All three HDCS Hospitals; Chaurjahari Hospital Rukum (CHR), District Hospital Lamjung (DHL), and Gunjaman Hospital Chitwan (GHC) received the vaccination. HDCS hospitals vaccinated the frontline workers in three groups in three days.

DHL is the center for the COVID-19 vaccination in the Lamjung district. Hence, all the frontline workers, doctors, and nurses of Lamjung districts from hospitals all over the district are vaccinated at DHL.

Shova Thakuri, a staff of DHL gets vaccinated and says that she feels very happy to get the first phase of vaccination. She even told that now she feels more safe and secure to serve at the hospital. She added that now she doesn’t fear spreading the virus to her young son.

‘COVISHIELD’ has made the life of Shova and frontline workers like her easier in the world. This vaccination is not just a helpful tool to fight a pandemic it is also a remedy for the trauma that many souls suffered in the last year.