Disaster Preparedness and Response Project Chitwan

As part of HDCS’ Disaster Preparedness and Response Project, four different wards of Kalika Municipality in Chitwan District were equipped with Disaster stock trunk in September. This month we are providing a one-day basic disaster preparedness and response training to young people in four different wards of Kalika Municipality in Chitwan. The trainings started yesterday in ward 8 and was received with vigor, excitement and active participation from the people in the community.

The training package includes basic knowledge on disasters, terminologies, disaster management cycle, as well as, an introduction and information sharing about basic first-aid care for fainting, bandaging, nosebleeds, choking and CPR. The people in the community also received the opportunity to learn whistle codes, use of fire extinguisher, and patient transfer onto a stretcher, also using locally available resources in absence of it. Following training, a drill was carried out to practice and apply all learnings.