District Hospital Lamjung (DHL)

In 2001, DHL made history for being the first government health institution to be handed over to an NGO. It was the first example of a public-private partnership in Nepal’s health sector. DHL is a district-level hospital that HDCS has been managing in partnership with the Government of Nepal.

Before HDCS took over the management of DHL, the hospital was almost in a non-functioning state. The hospital barely had any patients and the infrastructure suffered badly due to negligence. HDCS raised the hospital from a 15 bedded hospital to a 65 bedded hospital.  Additionally, the hospital provided advanced services at a minimal cost and free treatment for impoverished and disadvantaged communities.

  1. Project objectives
  • to provide district level quality general health services to the community
  • to be dedicated to providing quality health care
  • to provide services through the love of God
  • to increase the capacity of the hospital
  • to build a strong relationship with the local community
  • to develop the hospital to become self-sustainable

In 2015, DHL was awarded a bronze certification by the International Project Management Association (IPMA). In 2003, it has also been referred to as the ‘Model District Hospital’ by the World Bank. DHL hopes to carry the example of being the Model hospital with quality affordable health care for all hospitals in Nepal.

DHL is currently working on increasing its hospital’s capacity to 100 bedded and aims to add in more specialized and advanced health care services.