CoRIN (Afno FM)

There is a rising population of 27 million people living in the country, where 81% is estimated to be living in remote areas of Nepal still dependent on agriculture for livelihood. Many lack access to proper education and remain unexposed to beneficial facilities. It is clear that parts of Nepal lack learning opportunities and especially people living in remote places are limited to proper knowledge and education related to health, technology and development.

Community Radio Initiative Nepal

It first began with the concept of having a radio station in each Hospital project that HDCS managed. Finally and miraculously, we were able to connect with Feba whose mission was similar to ours. A joined partnership followed in 2007, when we were granted the registration from the Government with Feba’s support. Feba, began its support financially, technically and even further through trainings and regular visits by professional working with Feba. It was a great boost to Afno FM, that established into CoRIN AfnoFM.

Along with the trainings received from Feba, Afno FM was able to hire staffs. Earlier, it was a challenge to build an efficient team, as many were still learning the skills on how to operate a radio station. Today we have professionals who operate the radio station, the years of learning from Feba and the team created a dynamic team who now produce programms that support Afno FM. The programms have been able to connect to the thoughts and feelings of the listeners, we were overjoyed when during the earthquake all members of the community from Government officials to neighbors came in to help us continue with the programms.

The objectives of Afno FM have always been for the health, educational, agricultural, economic, social and spiritual development. Many programms are shaped to meet the needs of our objectives. There are cases, were we have added programms for individuals in extreme need of support, the program share’s their personal story and difficulties it becomes an outreach to many who want to support. Health related awareness programms, has shared necessary information which at times even turn life saving. The programms share details and information, on hospitals and health care programms. The focus is to create a healthy lifestyle for the people, there has been noticeable transformation from small healthy habits to larger ones. Afno FM, has turned successful in creating social awareness on receiving medical care over traditional and few unethical practices ( it is common for many living in rural places to overlook an illness and go to local healers/witchdoctors). The radio has even gone further by educating the local healers with health education.

Educational programms, has been slowly setting the change for equal educational rights where both girls and boys enjoy educational values. Agricultural programms, shared information on more effective and substantial agricultural methods. Awareness programms over legal rights, and the responsibilities of a true citizen have set many positive feedbacks.

Creating a harmonious and better society will remain the focus of Afno FM. Spiritually, devotions are carried every day through the radio programs, Christian songs also play according to the request of the people, there were negative comments earlier but later on the government officials agreed to feeling free and better after having listening to the program.

Afno- Fm is happy to see the social, economic, healthy transformation that the radio station has been able to share with the people deprived living in the remote areas and continues in partnership with Feba to carry on with the vision of the of the radio station CoRIN.