Chaurjahari Hospital Rukum (CHR)

Chaurjahari Hospital Rukum (CHR) is a hospital located on the border of three districts in the mid-western region of Nepal.

Chaurjahari Hospital Rukum (CHR) stands on the border of three districts (Rukum, Jajarkot, Salyan) and is the go-to medical center for patients from further districts. CHR is a small but efficient hospital providing quality and affordable medical services to the underprivileged and marginalized communities of Nepal.

HDCS has endured much while working in Rukum--during the decade long civil war, Rukum was a central local for the Maoists and the hospital faced many difficulties. With the end of the conflict there are many other issues the hospital works to fight against. Being in a remote area with limited modern advances, the hospital struggles to change the mentality of people regarding health care. Lack of education has allowed locals to hold on to false beliefs and superstitions that are a burden to our work. For example, many people seek help from traditional healers for physical ailments and only come to the hospital as a last resort.

In this way, our efficient services and many life changing procedures have established the hospital as a place where we give quality care for minimal costs. Our hospital caters to a low income population, we believe it is an injustice that people should be denied medical attention due to finances and so our Charity Fund covers hospital expenses for patients who cannot afford our services.

CHR is blessed to have community support and it is our hope that we are able to be a blessing to the community and to all those who pass through our gate.