Asha Bal Bikas Sewa (ABBS)

ABBS is a day care center that offers day care services to physically and mentally challenged children

ABBS was set up as an independent program 20 years ago by the current Project Manager, Tulsa Sharma. When Tulsa was 19 she began working with a Norwegian family who had a daughter with special needs. While becoming more involved with differently-abled children, Tulsa visited the home of a Nepali family with a physically challenged child.

When Tulsa held the child in her lap, the mother started crying and eventually she explained to Tulsa that no one besides her, not even her husband, had ever held the child. This made an impact on Tulsa and so she set up a day care center for children with a variety of needs.

From one room in a rented space, ABBS now has a center at the HDCS head office in Kathmandu, another center in Jorpati in Kathmandu, a third center in Chitwan, and even has a Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) program in Rukum.

Our centers have dedicated staff who know each detail of each child and therefore are able to better understand the children who are with us.

Altogether over 100 children and youth have benefited from the center where they are able to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually.